How to Conclude an Essay in an Interesting Way

Conclusion along with the introduction is also an important partof the work. In it, you need to outline the main conclusions ofthe work on 1–5 pages (depending on the type of work).

If you’re wondering how to conclude an essay, keep in mind thatthe conclusion sets out the following aspects:

  • Conclusions drawn by the author of the work on thetheoretical part of the work.
  • Results of analysis of the subject of research.
  • Recommendations for improving the subject of research

It is good, if the conclusion to the thesis work begins with asmall introduction on the topic of the work. Outcomes in theconclusion should be brief, concise, but generalizing the essenceof the analyzed issue. Copying parts of the text from theintroduction or the main part of the work in conclusion is notallowed.

Often, teachers ask students to write a conclusion in accordancewith the tasks assigned. Then the following sentence will lookgood: “In the process of accomplishing the work, its goal wasachieved, and the tasks were solved. The main sources on theresearch topic were analyzed in the work. In the thesis, the maintheses of the theory were revealed and proved with examples.”

Conclusion can be created as a solid text or a numbered list. Inthe latter case, as a rule, you need to write something like: “Asa result of the work done, the following conclusions were drawn.”And then there is the numbered list.

In conclusion, a brief retelling of the work is allowed. Whenretelling the content of the work, the following phrases can beused:

  • In the first chapter of the work, theoretical questions ofresearch were analyzed...
  • In the second chapter of this work, the main directions ofthe enterprise’s work were considered...
  • In the third chapter of this thesis, the activities forimprovement were described...

If the hypothesis was put in the introduction, then in theconclusion it is necessary to indicate whether it was confirmedor refuted. For example, “As a result of the work done, thehypothesis was confirmed, as a result of the implementedexperimental research it was established that in children with ageneral speech disorder, there are difficulties in compiling acoherent text.”

To finish the conclusion, it is better to use a generalconclusion on the topic of the work, as well as the prospects forapplying the developed recommendations in other conditions or onother subjects of the study.

Essay Conclusions

When you are going to finish the article, answer the question:“What task should the conclusion carry out?”

Most likely, the answer will be reduced to one of three points:

  • Bring the reader to a certain action (make a purchase,register on the site, etc.)
  • Make a simple catchy conclusion from the whole text
  • Essay Writing Service study bay
  • Push to reflection on a given topic, to a discussion with theauthor

The first option is most relevant, for texts that try to sellsomething, for information purposes the second variant is thebest, and for analytical articles and blog entries, the thirdoption fits the most.

Conclusion as a Call to Action

If throughout the entire text you have moved around the classicalscheme of the problem/the product/the solution to the problem,then in the conclusion of the text we only need to designate thefollowing:

  • The product can solve the problem thanks to...
  • Buy the goods now/here/from us (underline), and you quicklysolve the problem/save/something else

Of course, the order can be different, and the above scheme isconditional.

Conclusion as a Deduction

Few people understand that everything said in the article shouldbe summarized in one phrase, and that which is not summarized inthe article should not. It is also true that there should benothing in the derivation that does not follow from what has beensaid in the article.

But sometimes you need (or just want to) make not an information,but an emotional conclusion. In this case, you can use the toastmethod – imagine that your entire article is a long toast thatyou lead to the sacramental phrase. Now it remains to substitutesomething and the article is ready.

Conclusion as a Provocation

The easiest way to provoke the reader to some kind of reaction isto ask the question at the end of the article. It is much moreinteresting (but also more difficult) to express a deliberatelycontroversial or paradoxical idea, thereby pushing the audienceto the beginning of the discussion.

How to Conclude an Essay When Conclusion is not Needed?

If conclusion is not necessary, you can do the following:

  • Write a post-list.
  • The text is divided into several isolated parts, each ofwhich ends with its mini-output.
  • You write a post for a blog, and in the end, you want toannounce future posts, or just tell the readers a couple of wordson an abstract topic.

Introduction and Conclusion

There are two parts in an essay that are not considered main, butwhich are important. They are introduction and conclusion.Proceeding to the conclusion, it must be remembered that thispart of the work must echo the introduction. If the student opensthe objectives of the essay in the introductory part, then in thefinal section should sum up the results, give results, and drawconclusions from the whole study.


The basis for the conclusion can be prepared in the course ofwork on the main part of the essay. For this, it is sufficient toconclude at the end of each chapter. Such theses are issuedseparately. Then they serve as the basis for writing the finalpart of the work. If you do not do theses right away, you willthen have to reread the work and still draw conclusions.

Theory and Practice

In the concluding part of the paper, not only theoreticalresearch is summarized, but also the practical part of the work.Therefore, here you can tell about what you learned from thepractice, when you worked on the topic. You can also talk aboutthe research and provide short results.

Only a theoretical conclusion is not so interesting, it does notgive a complete picture of the work done. Members of thecommission will notice this defect.

Arguments and Your Opinion

In conclusion, you can and need to express your point of viewabout the results. Summing up, do not be unfounded. Eachconclusion should contain briefly written justifications. Suchtheses are also appreciated by teachers. A personal point of viewis needed in the work, without it the conclusion will turn out tobe too dry.

In conclusion, you do not need to write about everything indetail. Much is already in the main part of the work. The size ofthis section should be 2–3 sheets of A4 size. Such a conclusioncan be read quickly. Describing the results, it is not necessaryto complicate sentences, they must be clear and precise. Then allmembers of the commission will be satisfied with what they saw.Too dry and complicated language is hard to perceive.

Ways on How to Conclude an Essay

As in the ways to present the material, there are a lot ofopportunities to do differently, the same way the conclusion doesnot have to be under a carbon copy. The classics of the genrehave long analyzed these methods – we just have to listen tothem.

The endings that are the best:

  • A vicious circle: the introduction begins – the conclusionends the thought at a new level.
  • Bind: focus on the most important or impressive item in yourarticle and complete with an emphasis on it.
  • Remuneration: the final in which you give an answer to thequestion put in the beginning.
  • Solution of the problem: summarize the proposed solutions andmention the consequences of such decisions.
  • Quote. The method is not new, but, nevertheless, quiteeffective.
  • Mobilization: a call to action that will make the readerimmediately do or follow what you described.

Depending on the topic, your mood, and tasks, you can usedifferent ways to complete your work – the main thing is to havethe conclusion.

Additional Tips on How to Conclude an Essay

It’s quicker and easier to finish the article, if you do not haveto be distracted from the process of writing it. In one breath,you can produce the right thoughts in a competent sequence,forgetting nothing and not losing sight of it, so try to get ridof all the troubling problems from your head and completely focuson the thinking and literary activity.

Remember that your work is not useless. Your creation is sure tohelp people to make the right choice, tune in to positivethinking, solve psychological, or other life problems. Byinvesting your soul in an article, you help others.

With the help of a pen, the author exerts a strong influence onthe thinking and culture of the people. You are entrusted with avaluable and responsible mission, so carefully select each word.Striving for simplicity and laconism in the presentation ofthoughts, so that your message can be understood by differentpeople, from schoolchildren to professors. Try to always do yourjob in the best possible way and on time.

Remember that the ending of any article should contain the basicidea of the whole story. It is best if it is written in apositive vein, reflecting the main meaning of the illuminatedissue. It should have a powerful mental message to the reader,which will help people understand the topic or make the rightdecision.

When the article seems to be completed, it is necessary tosupplement and edit the material, carefully re-reading it severaltimes. This is sure to give your creation a complete look andcontribute to the speedy publication of the article.

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